Apple’s New iPad Keyboard Will Cost $350?!

Earlier today, Apple dropped a slew of new devices and accessories that will be shipping out as soon as next week. These devices include a new iPad Pros and a new MacBook Air. Along with new iPad Pro’s came some new Smart Folios and Smart Keyboard Folios but the most interesting announcement was Apple’s Magic Keyboard for the 1st Gen iPad Pro and the new iPad Pro announced today! The keyboard will be backlit, sport a traditional key layout and feel, as well as include a built-in trackpad. That’s right! A trackpad. This now means the iPad can replace any laptop out there which is great but… there’s one thing. The keyboard is $300 for the 11″ iPad Pro and $350 for the 12″ iPad Pro. This means that the cheapest iPad Pro configuration including the keyboard will be at least $1,100. Apple’s new MacBook Air Retails for $1000 which means the iPad Pro is more expensive than a full-blown laptop running macOS. I’d choose an iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard any day but would you? Check out Apple’s announcement videos for the new iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard below!