How Gaming on Mobile Phones Evolved Over The Last 20 years [Sponsored]

Mobile phones have been around for much longer than most people think, first being introduced in 1973. While the devices have evolved significantly over the past 40 years, the most significant changes have been more recent within the last two decades. Every time a new mobile phone is released, it comes with even more features that permit it to have even broader applications. For instance, many of today’s mobile phones are used as primary gaming devices.

Mobile phones today have become irreplaceable devices that simply are no longer a luxury but a need for communication. Today’s look of the phone is vastly different from the initial model that came out in 1973. Through the years, each generation of mobile phones have evolved to incorporate even broader uses. In fact, for most people today, mobile phones have become their primary gaming device.

The idea of preloading a game on a mobile phone first came in the 1990s. Owners of handsets with the Symbian operating system were able to play Snake and Pong. In the game of Snake, players had to navigate a line around the screen without running into any obstacles. Pong was the first mobile simulation game as it was much like table tennis.  Mobile phone companies eventually saw that their devices could be gaming devices and in 2003, Nokia tried to release its N-Gage as a handheld gaming tool. Of course, the idea was way ahead of the technology and it simply failed to gain popularity.

As smartphones began to take hold, gaming on these devices became popular. The phones were better designed for this use. By linking the internet with the phone, it became easier to access all kinds of games. Among these included online casinos such as these mentioned on gamblinginsider.ca which allowed people to gamble from home. As more and more phones were used for this purpose, special mobile casinos were released. Today, more people game on their mobile phone than on dedicated gaming consoles. In recognition of this trend, add on accessories such as wireless controllers can also be purchased to enhance the mobile gaming experience.

With such an important evolution into gaming devices, it leaves many to wonder just what else the future holds in store for gamers.

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