How To: Download All of Your Vines to Make a Compilation

Vine compilations seem to be catching on but there are many people who don’t know how to download Vines to make Vine compilations themselves. This easy tutorial will work on anyones Vine profile and any number of Vines, it allows you to download all Vines on a page or just one.

How To:

  1. Get Firefox

  2. Get the FlashGot Mass Downloader Extension Here (free)

  3. Go to your profile on vine.co

  4. Scroll through and make sure every video loads (or the specific one you want) so the extension registers it

  5. Initiate the extension (should be on the top right hand side of the browser) which automatically selects all of the videos

  6. Take the downloaded videos to your favorite editing program and compile them in no time!

If you have any specific questions, contact us!