Lytro: World’s first light field camera, ships early 2012

Today Lytro announced the world’s first light field camera. The main idea behind the camera is to shoot first and focus later. The camera has an anodized aluminum frame, f/2, 8x zoom, and an 11-mega-ray light-field which powers the ability to refocus. It also sports a touchscreen glass display and two physical buttons, one of which is to instantly power on the camera and the other to take a picture.

The camera will come in two flavors. The 8GB model can hold 350 pictures and will run for $399 while the 16GB model store up to 750 pictures and will set you back $499. The 8GB model will come in graphite or electric blue and the 16GB model will come in red hot.
I have been waiting for this to be announced for a while now and was not expecting this type of form factor, I truly can’t wait to get my hands on one of these when they ship in early 2012.