Misfit Announces New ‘Bolt’ Smart Bulb

Misfit, a company more popularly known for the Misfit Shine, has announced the Misfit Bolt which is a wirelessly connected smart bulb. The bulb does not need a hub to function which means that this just screws right into a lamp socket and works. Bolt is controlled through an iOS/Android app like most other smart bulbs, if you have a Misfit Shine you can control brightness and turn your bulbs on and off.

Misfit claims that “Light never looked this good” and it’s hard to disagree with that since it has an aluminum body that directs heat away from the electronics and a glass dome that enables 260-degree light dispersion with zero hot-spots. I currently have a bunch of WeMo Bulbs that are have been very unreliable, slow, and feel cheap so I am definitely looking forward to checking one of these out when they are available in mid-February for $50 each or three for $130.