OnePlus’s Concept One phone is Incredibly Underwhelming & Dissapointing

This week at CES, OnePlus finally showed off a concept phone that they had been hyping up for a while. Some thought it would be a foldable phone while others just expected to see cool tech that just isn’t ready for the masses. What we ended up getting is a gimmicky device that looks tacky and seems more like something they whipped up together last-minute just to build some hype around the brand during CES. Here is a video from The Verge showing off the phone:

Unfortunately, nobody that made a video on the phone called it like it is. It’s just nothing. It’s got one little trick that changes nothing. The glass over the camera’s tints black so as to make the cameras “invisible”. It’s old tech and nothing interesting. It’s the first time used in this type of application and can potentially improve photos because it would act as a built-in ND-filter but that’s it. It’s just a little feature that they could easily add on a future phone but it’s completely unnecessary. The phone was designed in cooperation with McLaren but it’s just plain ugly. Below is the teaser of the concept phone from OnePlus: