This is The Best Case on Amazon for The AirPods Pro!

Apple’s AirPods Pro only recently came out which means there aren’t quite enough case offerings like what we have for the 1st & 2nd Generation AirPods. This makes getting a case tough because lots of the ones that are currently available are ones that were rushed out just to get a rush of sales with the AirPods Pro release. A majority of the cases on Amazon right now either don’t fit properly or are made of terribly cheap materials. It also doesn’t help that lots of reviews on Amazon listings are fake and aren’t honest about the quality of the product.

This is where I come in! I tried 6 cases for my AirPods Pro before I landed on a case that I feel is just perfect. It’s priced appropriately, made of solid materials, fits great, and looks awesome on my AirPods Pro! The case is currently available in three colors but there are probably more colors of the same case sold by other sellers/brands on Amazon since this is one of those products that is sold in bulk from China and just resold in the states under different brands. The listing that I purchased the case from has dubbed this case the “Kocuos Cover for AirPods Pro Case 2019“.

Kocuos Cover for AirPods Pro
Looks Good
Fits Perfectly
Doesn't Attract Lint
More Pros
Wireless Charging Compatible
Matte Finish
Easy to Put On
No Branding