A New Motorola Razr is Coming and it Looks Awesome!

Motorola has suddenly announced a new Razr phone that uses a foldable display to give us a full screen when the phone is flipped open. The Razr has the specs of a mid-range phone but a $1500 price tag which makes it more expensive than Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro and Google’s Pixel 4. Frankly, the specs make sense. The new Razr is very small and it only has a 2510 mAh battery, this means that older components are needed in order to make the device last a full day of usage.

The new Razr has one main camera, a plastic internal display, an external touch display protected by gorilla glass, and a fingerprint sensor. The device will not have wireless charging, 5G, or a headphone jack so it’s definitely not living up to the features of current flagships. The main draw here is that this is cutting-edge tech. Unlike other foldable phones we have seen, the Razr looks to be more robust as it is even said to be capable of withstanding some rain. While this tech is still in it’s infancy, it is great to see Motorola moving into exciting new directions. The new Razr is set to go up for pre-order in late December and is expected to ship in January.

This Razr is part of the first wave of foldable devices which means it’s really only for those wanting to try out new tech. All these foldables coming out are less convenient & slower than all the current flagships from Apple, Google, Huawei, etc… These types of devices aren’t worth it until the kinks are ironed out which won’t happen for a couple of more years but I am super excited for what is to come!

Source: Motorola