Amazon tablet coming in November for $250?

For a while now there has been talk and rumors of Amazon developing a tablet to compete with the iPad. Apparently, TechCrunch, has gotten some hands on time with the alleged tablet and they report that it has a 7-inch, backlit color capacitive screen and lacks physical buttons.

The tablet is supposedly is ready to go and Amazon is making the last finishing touches on the software. The software is said to be all Amazon and Kind le and it’s black, dark blue, and lots of orange. Make sure to read the full TechCrunch article to find out more about the upcoming tablet.
I personally see this tablet having a huge success in the tablet market. $250 is half of what the iPad costs and price and comes in first place to the majority of people when they are looking for a tablet. Barnes and Noble’s Nook is $250 and has never been able to catch my attention. I already know I’m going to buy this when it officially comes out but, will you?

via/ TechCrunch