Facebook: What’s New? Timeline, Ticker & more

Today at F8, Mark Zuckerberg started off by showing off Timeline and it’s the future of Myspace Facebook. They also announced a couple of other things and too make it all easy for you, here is a watered down version of what everything they announced is.

–Basically your entire Facebook life has been condensed into a wider one-page destination. This will be rolling out in a couple of weeks.

–Essentially if you are participating in an activity, and you don’t want to annoy your friends, then that activity post will land in the Ticker.

Open Graph Apps
–Friends can check your activity in order to discover new music, games, apps, and restaurants. You can start adding these apps now.

Social Sharing
–By looking at patterns in your friends music Timeline, you can discover new music but it also works with news, social, and lifestyle apps. The Ticker displays a user’s activity from an app in real time. So if you are playing you can share information about the game in progress.