Galaxy Buds+ Are Better Than My AirPods Pro? Samsung Nailed It!

Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds+ Plus retail for $150 and have enough features to go up against the $250 AirPods Pro! Voice calling is clear, sound quality with music is stellar, it has wireless charging, and the ambient sounds feature is awesome! Check out the full video below!

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ on Amazon | AirPods Pro on Amazon

Video Timestamps

0:08 – Opening Remarks
0:45 – What’s in The Buds+ Box?
1:06 – Closer Look at The Buds
1:30 – AirPods Pro Sound or Buds+
2:42 – Which To Buy?
3:34 – Why Get The Buds+ Over AirPods & App Overview
4:54 – Ambient Sound Feature Thoughts
5:14 – Negatives of The Buds+ vs AirPods Pro
5:50 – Which look and fit better? AirPods Pro or Buds+?
6:25 – More Pros of the Buds+, They Sound Better?
8:05 – Charging Case Review
9:58 – Overall Conclusion
10:44 – Siri Bug on iOS/iPhone 11 Pro
11:10 – App Overview
11:25 – Find My Earbuds Demonstration
13:54 – Closing Thoughts
14:10 – Reference to The Intro Clip

Galaxy Buds+
Sound Great
Fit Great
App for Customizing Features
Priced Perfectly
Work Great with iOS and Android
USB-C and Wireless Charging
Available in 3 Colors
Siri Bug on iOS
The Gloss Finish
Not The Easiest to Remove from Ears
Magnets That Hold Buds in Case Could Be Stronger