Nintendo Announced a Switch Lite for $199 But is It Worth it?

Last week Nintendo announced a new console that will be arriving on September 20th of this year for $199. The new console is the Nintendo Switch Lite and it’s basically a smaller Nintendo Switch that cannot be docked to play on a tv.

This means that games like Just Dance or 1-2 Switch aren’t really gonna be playable on this device. Since the console is not made to be docked, it doesn’t have removable joy-cons which are required for a number of games on the Nintendo eShop.

As mentioned previously, the Nintendo Switch Lite will come in three colors. There will be a turquoise, gray, and yellow Switch Lite which look really awesome. This Switch will have a d-pad and all the buttons will be white giving it a more playful/fun look. Some of these changes will definitely make this a much more comfortable portable gaming experience than the current Switch. As a Switch owner myself, I am incredibly interested in one of these but I am still not sure since I do dock it often to play Smash Bros. on a TV. If this could be docked somehow then that would make it a no-brainer but it seems that the USB-C port on the Switch Lite won’t support docking at all.

Shortly after the release of the Switch Lite, there will be a Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Edition Switch Light that will be available on November 8th of this year. The Switch Lite is a great alternative to the Switch for those that don’t plan on playing on a TV and are more focused on solo gaming on the go. For $199, this console will sell like hotcakes and is definitely worth It if you don’t need the extra functionality of the regular Switch!