Review: Adonit Jot Pro Stylus

With so many styli in the market today it’s really hard to find the perfect one. The Adonit Jot Pro is not your average stylus. The Jot Pro has a thin clear disk instead of a typical stylus nib on the end. It takes time getting used to when compared to other pro-level styli on the market but it reduces drag and gives a different experience.

The Jot Pro has an aluminum and steel body with a nice satin finish that has a very nice feel to it. The stylus closely resembles that of a high end ballpoint pen and comes in metallic black, silver, red, or blue with a black rubber grip. The Jot Pro comes with a cap – also made of aluminum – to protect the tip and plastic disk when not in use. When you’re using the stylus the cap screws onto the back end for safe keeping. The plastic disk on the end is very durable and will not break if you treat it well. If anything were to happen to the plastic disk or cap then for $6 you can buy a pack of two discs or one cap. The body of the Jot Pro is magnetized so you can stick it on your iPad, iMac, or any else that has a magnet. 

The disk on the Jot Pro is hinged on a ball bearing which allows the user to adjust the writing angle up to 45 degrees. What truly stands out on the Adonit Jot Pro is the tip with the plastic disk which gives you the ability to be precise when doing things like drawing and drafting. The disk being clear allows you to be more accurate and since it’s not a rubber nib you don’t have to press down hard on the screen for it to register. While the plastic disk works great in most situations, it also isn’t that great in for browsing or even writing letters.

When writing, the disk makes a tapping sound similar to the sound of tapping on the glass with a nail. Different styli have different purposes and in this case the Jot Pro works better for drawing and precision tasks instead something like the Cosmonaut stylus which works better for browsing and dabbling. 

For those who want incredibly precise tip then the Adonit Jot Pro is the way to go. While its not perfect it is ideal since tablets now a days are not designed to be used with styli. If you want to do brushwork instead of line drawing or your someone who prints and continually lifts up your stylus from the screen then the noise on the screen could eventually become a problem for some.

The Good

The Bad

  • Loud when clicking against screen

  • Not good for brush work

  • Not good for quick/general navigation


The Jot Pro retails for $29.99 and is fairly priced considering the great build quality which makes it feel like a top tier stylus worth a lot more. This stylus was the most precise when I tested it out and I got used to the clicking on the screen after a couple of days of use. The stylus is in the position where one will either hate it or love it since it doesn’t work very well for certain things. It is great seeing a company do something completely different from what all the other companies are doing. The stylus is a great start for Adonit and I am really looking forward to what they come up with in the future and after seeing the Jot Touch and iPad Write Plus it can only get better. Hopefully we can get a Jot Touch in the future to review and see if it’s worth the price tag but for now the Jot Pro is definitely worth the $29.99 price tag and my favorite stylus thus far.

Product: Adonit Jot Pro