iPad Pro 11” Keyboard Folio $30 Alternative [Review]

Hey guys, today we are taking a look at a cheap keyboard folio for the new iPad Pro 11”. A couple of months ago we looked at the iPad Pro 11” Keyboard Folio from Apple which retails for $180+ Tax. Apple’s pricing for the keyboard is definitely out of price range for many and isn’t worth it for what it provides. In this video, we are taking a look at a Keyboard case from TPLTECH that retails for under $30 on Amazon.

TPLTECH IPad Pro 11″ Folio Keyboard Case: Amazon

Product Specs

  • Folio protects the iPad Pro.

  • Keyboard is removable.

  • Built-in 220 mAh lithium battery, lasts for roughly 50 hours.

  • It is equipped with Micro USB port for charging.

  • Sleep function: if no operation is performed, the keyboard will automatically enter the power saving mode within 15 minutes.

  • 59 button design with 14 IPAD shortcut keys.

  • The keys are screen printed by UV peritoneal treatment.

  • Standby time battery life is about 30 days.

Disclaimer: Product was provided for free to review. This does not change or effect any opinions or thoughts on the product.