BenQ ScreenBar LED Bar Review

Hey guys , today we are taking a look at one of the best products I’ve gotten my hands on in 2018. BenQ’s ScreenBar e-Reading Desk Lamp is the perfect companion to light up a desk without getting screen glare or taking up desk space. This LED light has a neatly designed clamp that can attach to any monitor between .4” to 1.2” and is powered by a single USB cable that connects to your monitor.

One of this LED light’s best features is the touch-sensitive bar at the top which allows you to turn it off, change color temperature, and change light intensity all by touching the designated area. With that we have the fact it gets incredibly bright which I loved so much that I decided to try to light the back of my iMac to give my setup a better look and make using my computer easier on my eyes.

If you need to light your desk so you can work and see things then you can mount it on top of your computer with the included clamp. If you need to light up your setup or the back of your monitor to reduce strain on your eyes from working long hours on your computer then you can attach it like I have on my iMac (pictured below).

This is the brightest led bar I’ve ever used and the sturdy aluminum body allows it to balance easily pretty much anywhere you want to mount it. I’ve run it for over 12 hours straight numerous times and it doesn’t get hot nor does it affect my iMac by drawing power viawwww USB. Now, this LED bar retails for $99.00 which is a lot more than a normal lamp or a LED strip but honestly… it’s worth it. The brightness that it gives off plus the various color temperatures (2700K to 6500K) allows this to accommodate to various lifestyles it adds a nice ambience to your setup.

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