Cheap Smart Folio Alternatives for The New iPad Pro 11″!

Like every year, Apple’s case offerings for their iPad’s are nice but very expensive. This years iPad Pro Smart Folio ends up costing close to $90 with tax… yikes! Thankfully case manufacturers have already copied Apple’s ingenious magnetic case design. If you want something very similar to the Smart Folio but cheaper then you are in luck! Below is a video review of Apple’s Smart Folio and below that you will find two cheap alternatives I found!

Below we have two different brands that I found on Amazon. Both of them use the same front magnet and back magnet approach as Apple’s official case but are in the $20-$30 range as opposed to $80+. The only downsides, if any, are that you aren’t getting as good material quality as Apple’s original cases for the iPad Pro.

TiMovo Case Fit iPad Pro 11 Inch, Available in 4 Colors

ESR Yippee Magnetic Smart Case for iPad Pro 11”