Gold MacBook Unboxing & Overview

Apple’s new MacBooks are now available at retail stores nationwide and with that come videos from me showing you Apple’s latest so you can decide if you want spend your money on it. Here is my unboxing of the Gold MacBook:

The new MacBook feels premium yet it is light and portable. For ~$1,400 you can go to an Apple Store and get yourself one. Don’t expect this laptop to be super speedy and handle all of your productivity done but it is able to handle quite a bit! I’ve been able to run Final Cut Pro and Pixelmator with little-to-no problems.

The Gold MacBook is stunning in its own way. This color basically says “I have the new MacBook and it’s Gold”. You’ll probably get a lot of people looking at your new MacBook if you opt for gold but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

Amazon: Gold MacBook