How to get a Fortnite iOS Invite & First Impressions!

Fortnite recently made its way onto iOS devices. If you have an iPhone 6S/SE and up then you can download the Fortnite app and login but odds are you still can’t play and haven’t gotten an invite.

Epic is very slowly rolling out invites to those who have signed up. If you have yet to sign up then it’s not too late! You can still sign up but know you probably won’t get your invite for another couple of weeks. Sign Up Here!

Strategically, Epic has put an invite system in place which has done wonders for hype and name recognition. Every person who gets into the game gets 3 invites they can use, this means I have 3 invites which I will be giving away! Follow me on Twitter @rmrdnl as I will be tweeting them out over the next couple of days!

I’ve played a couple of matches on both iPhone and iPad. My experience in these matches has been phenomenal. There were a couple of lag spikes and audio bugs but as far as controls go? Epic nailed it. This is the true pinnacle of mobile gaming. Unlike PUGB Mobile and other clones, Fortnite’s graphics look good and everything runs as it should. My iPhone X didn’t even get hot running the game. I am hoping we will get a Fortnite Nintendo Switch version around E3!

I am pretty good at the console version and on this version I was better mainly because there are a lot of new players in the mix which aren’t familiar with the game. I placed 1st once and in the top 10 the other matches I’ve played. The only drawback is building which is cumbersome and nowhere near as fast as the console versions but that is to be expected. There is currently no bluetooth controller support but Epic does plan on adding that at a later time. Without external controller support, there is no way to compete against console/PC players. You will be at a disadvantage when playing on iOS but it’s still fun! The main takeaway here is that you can play Fortnite on a bus, train, autonomous car, and even from a toilet!