This Cinematic Video of Tokyo Shows the iPhone 11 Pro Camera in Action!

Apple gave an iPhone 11 to a filmmaker for him to make a video of Tokyo in order to showcase the iPhone 11 Pro’s video quality. The video below is in 4k but can’t be watched in 4k if you are on Safari or YouTube on iOS so to see it in 4k… you will have to be on Android or on a Chrome desktop browser. Unlike most videos that Apple usually makes, (which are professionally lit) this video takes a very simple approach by just using a gimbal and clever transitions/editing.

I went to Tokyo with the new iPhone 11 Pro to put it to the test. The objective of this video is to deliver a visual story showcasing my journey to Japan. The story starts in Tokyo, a progressive futuristic city that’s a beautiful backdrop for the fast paced editing style that I love to do.

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