MoviePass Locks You Onto a One-Year Contract, Charges Termination Fee and More – Too Good To Be True?

The other day we wrote about MoviePass, a subscription based model for moviegoers, which I was very excited for. The monthly price varies depending on the city you live in. Today, I signed up and was charged $30 which is a fair amount depending how many times a month you go to the movies. I signed up for the service to try it out and provide some feedback, one thing I didn’t notice is that they lock you onto a one-year contract. There is no option for paying month to month you get charged $20 if you decide to cancel before the year is up as it is mentioned in their terms of condition.

After the 30 day trial period, the user will be charged a $20 cancellation fee to terminate their account, provided that the cancellation does not fall under ‘legitimate grounds.’

But wait there’s more! If you pay $30 for signing up, watch $50 worth of movies that month, and decide to cancel the service that same month then you will be charged the $20 termination plus another $20 for going over what your subscription service covers. A representative put it this way…

The fee is $20.00 PLUS anything over what your subscription covers. In other words, if you have seen $120 worth of movies, but have only paid $50.00 so far in subscription fees, you would owe us 20.00+70.00.

And their terms and conditions put it this way…

 In addition, if the full cost paid by MoviePass of any tickets redeemed during the length of subscription exceeds the total subscription fees paid thus far, the user will be responsible for the difference. If the full cost paid by MoviePass of any tickets redeemed during the length of subscription is less than the total subscription fees paid thus far, than the user is only responsible for the $20 cancellation fee, and will not be refunded the difference.

I had high hopes for the service and while I will be using for the first month, I will not be continuing after. The service is pretty much rendered useless and isn’t what it really should be. They should really let people know before signing up because I can see this causing many people problems, especially in todays society in which most people do not read terms and conditions. This reassures us that from time to time it is good to read them to see what you are getting into.

 Source: MoviePass